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Mobile phone review

March 13, 2013 - Posted in Italian Posted by:

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Just five years ago the name “smart phone” didnt conjure up any extraordinary feelings of phone that was too different than the run of the mill crowd. Flash forward to 2011, Google, Apple, and Microsoft are selling their smart phones at a rate of almost one million activations a day. The flip phone with push buttons is quickly becoming an antique, and texting is becoming the new conversation of choice.

The name smart has almost become obsolete; a better word to describe the present mobile phones would be computer. Mobile phones have left their identity as the simple means of communicating between two people, and have entered the realm of a whole new technology of their own.

From multiplayer gaming, to office documentation, to Skype like video conversations, the abilities for the future of cell phone technologies are endless, and the only thing that would stop the advancement is a lack of applications (which will never happen). Programmers are scrambling to come up with new apps to run on every operating system that they need to. Here are the top three smart phone competitors and how they compare to each other.

Android, Googles operating system for cell-phones (and tablets)

Google designed this operating system to be ran on multiple hardware devices, so that any company wanting to include it on their phone (or tab) line, could seamlessly and stress-free release the product without having to de-bug, or worry about stability issues.


The iPhone is the first and most popular computerized phone. The iPhone uses Apples own OS which is only allowed to be ran on their personal hardware. Unlike Android phones the iPhone doesnt allow third party developers to use their operating system on any hardware. The opposite of open source, Apple relies on its power to develop clean structured graphic interfaces that appeal to any Mac fan, or computer phone adapter.


Microsoft has finally begun releasing a version of Windows for the mobile phones; along with Skype capabilities (Microsoft recently bought Skype) the Windows phone will also have the ability to connect with the Xbox 360 and the Kinect. Microsoft is releasing the Windows phone through multiple hardware companies; however its big partner in the industry is Nokia.

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